Shortcut key

S = street view

Move the cursor to the marker or the marker list and press S to display the street view.
Press again to close the street view.

F = map fit to all markers in current group.

Map moves and zoom to the position that includes all markers in current group.

A = zoom support

1 Move the cursor to the marker list.
2 Hold down A key.
3 Mouse wheel.
4 Zoom map according to the marker.

W = expand marker's detail

Press the W key on the marker or the marker list, expand details of that marker.

D = default position

Close street view and fit (same as S, F key).

E = edit

*login requred

Press E key to edit marker when hovering the mouse cursor over marker list or marker.

P = print

*login requred

Mouse over group list or marker list, then press 'P' key.
The new page to print pop-ups.

Please configure your browser to allow pop-up.

L = Link

*login requred

The URL pop-ups to share with friends for each group/marker.
Move mouse cursor over group/marker list and press "L" key.

CTRL key (command key for mac)

URLs in the marker's comment field that linked automatically.
However, links are disabled to prevent malfunctions.
In that case, hold down CTRL key and click the link. New page opens.