How to use

Marker: adding

1:Drag&Drop onto map

2:Add button

can add marker to specified address.

Marker: editing

Double click marker-list or marker on the map, then edit form popup.

URLs in the comment that linked automatically.
However, links are disabled to prevent malfunctions.
In that case, hold down CTRL key and click the link. New page opens.

Marker: sorting

Marker: with Street view

Street View can be shown by 3 ways.

1: Click street view icon on the marker-list.
2: or, press S key while mouse cursor over the marker-list.
3: or, press S key while mouse cursor over the marker.

Marker: Fix street view position at a specified location

Street view is tracking near the marker automatically.
However if the target is a large object, street view's position may be set too close or no good place.

In this case, you can specify the location of the street view for each markers.

Marker: move to other group

Group: adding

Group: editing

Group: sorting

Log-in or create new account(free)

Save & Load data

* required login

Click save, load buttons on top-right window.
In addition all data is saved every 1 min automatically.

Share group of markers (publish group)

* required login
* "L" key with mouse-over on group list, the shared URL pop-ups. 

Share one marker (publish marker)

* required login

Import/Export KML file

* required login

Layout reverse. (useful for ipad)

Import data from other account

The information on shared page, you can copy to your own account.

Click "Copy to my account" and dialog box appears.
Enter your ID/PW, click "Copy" button.The data will be copied to your account.
You can copy over and over again.

Other functions

Group buttons

Maker list buttons

Buttons while street view shown.

Print group/marker

Import your Google MyMap data to mymapplus directly.