Change logs

Date Version

2012 Apr 06
Increased marker icons. (100 -> 600)

To use new icons in IphoneApp(google mymap+), update to ver1.9 or above.
2012 Mar 08        1.56 Sever maintenance

The server will be unstable for up to 3 hours starting at 4pm PST on 7th March. 

The following functionality will be affected.

- view/edit 
- sync with iphone
- import from google mymap(myplace)
2012 Jan 23
Fixed Bug
In rare case, an error occurred when load data.
2012 Jan 11
New Feature
- Supported 54 languages.
  You can change the language from the menu on bottom-window.
2011 Dec 27
Fixed Bug
In rare case, an error occurred when save data.
2011 Dec 22
New Feature
- Import from Google MyMap with google icon!!
- Import by CSV file

- Can download all data for backup.
- Restore from backup file, and can copy to other account.
2011 Nov 17
New Feature
Google MyMap data can be imported directly.

2011 Nov 16
iPhone app GoogleMyMap+ ver 1.4 Released

2011 Sep 27
 Opened official site of iPhone version MyMap+.
2011 Sep 19
 Fixed Bug
- Strange behavior of map zoom.
- In rare cases, some account can not be saved.

New Feature
- "W" short cut key.

2011 June 4
New Feature
- Direct URL: These pages can display map by address contained in URL.

Fixed Bug
- "P" "L" shortcut key didnot work when hiding markers.

2011 June 2    
New Feature
- Street view position can be fixed at specified location for each markers.
- Shared page for each markers.
2011 May 30
New Feature
Print group/marker.

Street view is shown by default when opening mymapplus. 

Fixed Bug
- In rare cases, the marker hover keep stay on map.
- Pegman in submap does not apper.
- Maker icon in submap does not change after editing maker.
- Shortcut key action(ctrl key) does not work in some cases.

2011 May 28
New Feature
show small zoomed map under the street view,
2011 May 27
Fixed Bug
After adding marker while hiding address, saving data causes error.
2011 May 25 0.92 First released. on Chrome web store

Future plans

Simple direction search
Super street view
Local search

and more..